All multi-wall, Titanium (this does not include woven Titanium fiber bats) and bats that exceed the 1.20 performance rating are prohibited. Bats that are illegal in 2002 (this list is not all-inclusive and could grow):

Inertia SB17, SB 17E, SB21 models
Dudley Fusion, Dudley Fusion II, Power Flite Double Barrel
Steele's 844 XLT-2
Steele Belted
Steele's XLT-3
Steele's Laserflex Double Wall
Grover Platinum
Equalizer 2
Steele's Alien
Easton Reflex Rebel (non 1.20 model)
Worth Advanced Player FS 130
Worth PST (power shell)
DeMarini Distance Lite
DeMarini Double Distance Lite
Lousiville TPS Ai
Louisville XXL SB 27
Worth Quad
DeMarini/Wilson B52
Nike Air Storm
DeMarini 2x Ultimate Distance
Bombat TD2
Mizuno Tech Fire
Steele C555 Duel Shell
Steele Impact 2
Dudley Assault 2
DeBeer Shockwave C555
One Cryo Equalizer 2 2000 Superwall
all models of the Worth EST
DeMarini Ultimate Distance
Steele's Turbo Flex XLT4
Steele's Retro
Catapult Double Wall
DeMarini Fat Boy
Grover Platinum II
Steele's Extraneum 55
TPS Outlaw (non 1.20 model)
Steele's XLT 7178 and XLT-G7178
Kelly Wraptech
all models of the Easton Tri-Shell
Hillerich & Bradsby SB14 and SB13-Sprinsteel
Louisville Double Action SB29
Wilson DeMarini Doublewall Demolition
Wilson DeMarini Classic
Powerhouse Ozone
Nike Air Storm GPT
DeMarini Fli and Distance Fli
Powerhouse IMS Intimidator
Mizuno Techfire Range
TPS XXL, TPS XXL endloaded
TNT Power
Worth's 3DX Balance and Worth's Endloaded
Worth's CU31 Shell.